Picky Eating Solved!

Thank you so much for all your help! We were struggling with limiting snacks and introducing new foods and our strictly mac and cheese diet has expanded to foods like tofu and more. We’re happy to see our little guy try new foods and we enjoy eating together. It’s nice to have a new way of eating that doesn’t feel like so much work anymore. Looking forward to the future of trying new things and enjoying meals with our little one.


I cannot thank Caitlin enough for her service. I highly recommend her services!!!

I could not thank Caitlin (mom n tot) for showing us the way on how to redefine our relationship with my children around food. When I reached out to Caitlin, I was struggling with my 2 year old’s non stop appetite and over eating habits. My relationship with him around food and meal time was very stressful (to both of us). Caitlin did a thorough review of what, where, how, and how much we eat. what we do when we are eating and what attitudes are, she then kindly met with us in our home working with our busy schedule. Caitlin was up to date with the most recent literature and debate in the food and nutrition field. She offered a super informed advise on how to address my child eating habits from a behavioral point of view, while showing a great deal knowledge in child psychological, behavioral and physical development. Caitlin is very professional and extremely passionate about assisting parents to build strong and healthy foundation around food and the joys of eating. She always replied to my correspondence promptly and was always thorough in her answers. Because of the knowledge we acquired through Mom n Tot, we now have a wonderful enjoyable relationship with my children around food and meal time. within two weeks my son was listening to his body, eating as much as he actually needs!!!!! I cannot thank Caitlin enough for her service. I highly recommend her services!!!


Caitlin is so knowledgeable, caring, and creative!

Asking for salad!?!?!

I live in England and have followed Caitlin’s advice since I was aware of her nutrition work when my oldest was about 2. She’s amazing!!! I can’t recommend her services enough!
When I first contacted her, feeding a toddler was starting to get a little stressful and although I had some idea of what I wanted to teach my kids about food and healthy eating I was a bit lost on how to do it.
Now I constantly get remarks that my kids are “good eaters” and how do I do it and I tell them to follow her page!!!! Her tips are so clear and easy to follow and puts food back in the background of life again, where it belongs, and not a big focus, concern or worry for us.
My oldest is now almost 6 and asking for multiple helpings of SALAD at dinner times. And I feel really confident in managing food with my 3 year old. Thanks Caitlin! You’ve completely helped to construct this families views on heathy and happy eating from thousands of miles away! I really can’t thank you enough. I hate to think where we would be without you.


A wonderful experience all around!

I can’t rave enough about Caitlin and her Kids in the Kitchen class. She was informative, caring, and most importantly patient with all of her “students”. And the recipes are great and so easy to make. My daughter is currently DEVOURING the No Bake Energy Bites and keeps reminding me that SHE made them. Such a wonderful experience all around!


I have learned sooooo much from Mom N Tot Nutrition!!

Fantastic classes and support

Caitlin’s classes are fantastic. I’ve taken classes on nutrition for pregnancy, nutrition for post partum/breastfeeding, and starting solids for infants. She is engaging and provides the most current info. I’m so thankful to have learned about the supplements important for me and my baby. I have brought my husband to classes and he also finds them incredibly helpful allowing us to be on the same page with feeding our child. Caitlin is tremendously knowledgeable and generous with her time. She’s always responsive to my questions in class and follow up. She genuinely cares about helping parents and children in her community. She provides a balanced perspective that supports a healthy relationship with our children and food. I feel very lucky to have Caitlin as a support as I navigate the challenges of early parenthood.


Healthy never looked so good!

Amazing how there is so much to learn! Being a caregiver, I have benefited greatly through all the tips and tricks and it has even inspired me to have a healthier lifestyle myself! Healthy never looked so good! Run by an amazing women and mentor, Mom N Tot Nutrition is a blessing in itself!


Very helpful information.