Supermarket Tours

Supermarket Tours:

A supermarket tour with me by your sideGrocery shopping, fun or phobia? So many options to choose from and changing everyday, it’s no wonder many people stick to their old staple foods rather than spending the time to learn about new choices.

With a supermarket tour you will be guided aisle by aisle, with me by your side,  as we review the latest foods and learn how to compare them to other options.

You will learn how to read the labels accurately, prevent the food industry from tricking you into a purchase, obtain easy meal ideas using some your favorite foods, and ultimately save money by only buying things you actually need. A very helpful way to incorporate all your nutrition related questions as we have the food at our fingertips! All tours must be scheduled with a week’s advance notice and can be individual or with a small group of friends or family.A guided supermarket tour with Caitlin

To schedule your supermarket tour, and learn more about how my individual counseling can compliment this service please contact me using the link below!