Nutrition Counseling & Cooking Program

Every busy parent I know wishes for more hours in their day:

  • more time to spend with their kids

  • more time to clean the kitchen

  • more time to cook healthy homemade meals

  • more time to exercise

  • and the list of things you would do with that time goes on and on…

What if I said I could give you MORE TIME?

My NEW "Nutrition Counseling & Cooking Program"

will finally give you a few more hours per week that you can spend with your kids or at the gym or cleaning up around the house; the choice is yours!

Because when you have someone else cooking homemade healthy meals in your kitchen, YOU WON’T HAVE TO!

Finally an answer to the everyday struggle of “But I don’t have any time to cook dinner!” Let us help you decide what will be for dinner this week and come to YOUR kitchen to cook it FOR YOU or WITH YOU.

With this program you’ll have the choice to join us in the kitchen to learn how to put a fast and healthy meal on the table OR use your free hours to do other things while we cook….and clean up before we go! 

What’s that? Sounds too good to be true? You’re worried your kids won’t eat those delicious healthy meals we cook??

That’s where the nutrition counseling part comes in to help you learn how to get your family all happily eating the same meal. In just TWO MONTHS we will give you the tools necessary to get quick and healthy meals on the table that the whole family will enjoy!